PROMOTING AND SUPPORTING @teardroos by @surpassinggoogle

in teardrops •  last year

I salute @surpassinggoogle for his success in @steemgigs and @teardrops. I was reading everyday a post of my fellow steemians in almost two months. Then I found that several steemians who are promoting and supporting @teardrops, @untalented and most specially @steemgigs by Sir @surpassinggoogle. I found the reason why he is doing a great job for smart media token. I salute him for his greatness and effort.

So I decided to draw a little image of a teardrops. I accept that I was not good in drawing but I try my best to draw a teardrops specially made only to a kind hearted @surpassinggoogle. In my simple pencil drawing I can promote and support @teardrops.


Please cast your vote for @surpassinggoogle as a witness and you have to visit at and type steemgigs in the first box.

To give him your witness voting decision, yoy have to visit at and type in "surpassinggoogle" in the second box as a proxy.

Hope you like my simple art.
Thank you.

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