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Steemians I want to share to you that I lost my pregnancy due to miscarriage and tubal pregnancy last 2009. When I knew that I was pregnant I very happy because it been a long time waiting my pregnancy and time is come but I lost it because of having a tubal pregnancy.


A tubal pregnancy or ectopic pregnancy is occur when the fertilized egg attached itself
in a place other than inside the uterus. It occurs in the Fallopian tube.


Last September 2009 I was undergo a tubal pregnancy operation because my baby grow insise my Fallopian tube. I need to have operation because it will make my life in danger.

I was so depressed at that time. I was crying and crying because I waited long time to become pregnant. But when time come it grew in my right Fallopian tube.
The symptom of my tubal pregnancy is having always a vaginal bleeding for almost a week. I go to obstetrician for check up. and give me request for ultrasound. I go to diagnostic center for ultrasound and they did not found a fetus inside my vagina. Then on the following day I repeat ultrasound and the result ia the fetus is grew inside my Fallopian tube. it is an ectopic pregnancy.
I decided have an operation. My operation start at 12:20am and ended at 1:55am. on September 22, 2009. It is almost 9 years but I felt pain until now. Because I was not having another pregnancy until now.
I was now 41 years old , I felt that it hard for me now to have pregnancy because of my age. I already accept the fact that I don't a child. I focus myself to my family. To my parents, brother and sister also niece and nephews for giving and helping them for their needs.
But my husband love me even I haven't a child. But we build our family even we don't have a siblings. We stay together and lived together
thank you.

Always support @steemgigs..........

Thank you @liamnov

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Hmmmm.. Your tears are real! I cannot begin to imagine the pain... But i'm happy you've found strength somehow... I think you should find something that you have never done before but think would make you very happy if you did it, and channel your energy right now into doing it. Who knows? Miracles sometimes come when you least expect them... Sorry about all these years..