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What is emotion all about:?
According to wordweb dictionary it means an upsurge of feelings, or strong feelings.

Emotion is any conscious experience characterized by intense mental activity and a certain degree of pleasure or displeasure. read more

You need to become an objective observer of your life , especially of your feelings and the way you express them. It's is possible to analyze your feelings? Yes.

Its a worthy task for everyone to take time occasionally to ask, how am I feeling right now? Have I been feeling this way very long? Is this emotion a deeply entrenched pattern of response in your life?. Well read on and find out.

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Are you that one that is

• Content?

• Enthusiastic?

• Hopeful?

• Rejected?

• Emotionally exhausted?

• Determined?

• Angry?

• Lonely?

• Bored?

• Overwhelmed?

• Frustrated?

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The first approach in dealing objectively with feelings is pin-pointing as closely as possible the nature of a particular feeling or mix feeling. Most feelings are we experience are temporary, and they are based on external circumstances and events, which are also temporary.

Emotions tends to cluster, and clusters of emotions tend to form patterns. feelings of being overwhelmed and being rejected often seem to link up with anger.

Allow yourself to feel, dont shut down, you are made of emotional responses to life, and try to identify the feeling, and observe the patterns of your feelings.

So are you struggling emotionally, I heartily recommend that you as a person take a long, I mean hard look at what you believe to be true and valuable and worthy.

Thanks to @surparsinggoogle for the @teardrops curation for this wonderful tears removal initiative many have benefited and many more are still in line and am one of them, i will smile very soon.

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