My Bae Made Me Valentine Cupcakes with a Beautiful Card: My Poem for her

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@keban writes

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This Valentine was my most lovely, most incredible and most romantic.
My lady @hibiz made my the sweetest cupcakes I have ever had.



It was my most romantic valentine promoting steemit with my one single lover. I didn't get to give her a gift but she gave me a gift instead, since I met this lady my life has changed for good in the right direction, sometimes I often wonder what hope she has in me. Today it got me thinking as in tears I began to think what I can do for her, I can't let this valentine just pass by then this poem came to my heart, and writing my heart for you @hibiz with the joy of tears of love, am praying that soon I'll give you a city for a gift but accept this words and make a treasure of them.
@hibiz this is from the heartest of my heart. I love you so much. Thanks for Promoting Steemit with me on the day of Love.

The day is bright

You are my light

The chorus is long

You are my song

Oh my love my Harmony

Of course you are my melody

Your voice is magical

Your touch so spiritual

With you all day I will stay all night

Because in your loving arms I'll hold so tight

For now and always to you I belong

My heart, my soul and my body

Is yours even for your hubby

For long and long ago

I tried to reach my goal

I tried and tried and tried

I gave up my dreams to go

But you came the fire ignite

My passion for day and night

I fought and fell and frail

With your strength I now prevail

I love you in the morning

Going from dawn to dusk

I'll never ask more

To me you are more than more

Thank you for being my Valentine for life

Dedicated to @hibiz, my one and only true love.

Thanks for reading
I remain @keban
Steemit Promoter
Lover of hibiz
Changing lives through Steemit


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Nice poem and nice concept. Celebrate love


Thank you so much

Poetry is a nice gift for her.
Your publication has been rewarded and will be mentioned in the next edition.

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You can read about these special tokens Here!!!


Wow! Thank you so much, thank you for what you're doing for us in steemit, for turning our sorrows to joy and our tears for reward token. Kudos @surpassinggoogle and @teardrops.

This is sweet
Wish you guys more live


Thank you so much

The cupcakes are so sweet! But, the poem is even sweeter! Way to spread the love, man! I hope you and your lady had a great day :D


Wow, thank you so much, we really had a wonderful time together. Thanks for dropping by.


Happy to hear that! I'm sure you always have a wonderful time. But, it's always great to use Valentine's as an excuse to be extra cheesy with one another :D


Yeah, that's true

Wow wow i know i love poems so much especially when its from you but this one is different, love you so much kupkake @keban,,,,thanks alot honey


Thank you my sweetest and dearest love, you are the reason for the season.