Family is not just an important thing. It is everything!

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Imagine Tatay Junior, who is already 68 years old but still working to have his source of income and be able to provide his family's needs.

Even though he is struggling on work, he still manage to give the best service to his customers. Unlike younger kutseros who are sometimes hot-tempered and doesn't know how to deal with passengers.

I salute Tatay Junior for his courage and hard works for his family. Hoping to meet a man who is as generous and hardworking like him.
God bless you Tatay Junior. Your family is so much blessed to have you in their lives. ❤

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Life is fight from beginning to the end!

Parang tatay ko lang gang ngayon trabaho parin as security guard more than 60’s narin. Masaya parin sya habang may work para sa mga apo nya. Lahat naman kami may work but can’t afford to give him a retirement so sad but true oldman still working at this kind of age.


as long as he is happy on what he is doing sir. I salute your dad sir 😊

..nowadays onti nlng yung mga ganyang llaki .. godbless to your family tatay junior...


Trueee maam. Buti may natira pang tulad ni tatay 😊

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Aww, at his old age, I think he should not be working anymore, instead resting and enjoying life. Ang hirap, ang init ng trabaho nya. Salute to him. ❤


Melts our hearts right maam? 🙂


i really have a soft heart for elderlies. naaawa na napproud ako sa kanya hayyy❤