Hear thier Cries....

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This morning, I ride a jeep to go for my work. Along the way, I saw a poor child knocking at the car's window and asking for a penny to the driver. And not that just moment I saw like that. A lot of times. While looking at them, I can't help to have a teary eyes and felt bad to them. For me, they should not experience that way, instead, they should go to school, studying, happily playing with friends, and being busy in doing great things. But now, I felt bad at myself that I can't do anything for them. Even I'll give them money everyday, I know it will never be enough for them.

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Some say, 'don't give them because they will abuse your kindness!, and some also say, 'that's there fault because they don't work!'. But hearing those word is not right and I don't agree with them. At the first place, it is not their responsibility to work at their young age. I can't also blame their parents for that, for I don't have the right and I don't know about thier lives.

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There is only one thing that I want for them, that I hope someday and somehow, no more children roaming around with hungriness inside. This is also my prayer, that no one of us ignore them. Let's hear their voices and cries and help them from their hardest times.

Your friend,

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I too sometimes wonder the situation that led these kids to the street. I share your dream with you but it's us who have to take them off the street, whatever way we can

Yes ur right @tudors and I hope more of people dreaming that also...

@juzmen-juvy18 your images about kids really make me feel bad because they are supposed to be cared and in school and not on the streets begging for money and food. This is an example of tears of sadness... an entry for @teradrops

When I know that @surpassinggoogle has this challenge, the first thing comes up in my mind is this idea.... Children today must be cared and valued