My Own TEARDROPS LOGO by @surpassinggoogle

in teardrops •  last year  (edited)

This is my own logo for TEARDROPS MEDIA TOKEN for @surpassinggoogle and @teardrops

Hope you like it :)

Without color


With color

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wow really beautiful drawing.!!


Thanks man :)


Nice work ga! Keep it up.


You only upvoted yourself :)

The eye area is really good but the tears are not looking so good. Sorry try to change tears flow.


Yeah, I did it on purpose :D

Nice photograph. Kudos to you

Creative! I thought it would be crying coins. Unique

Wow great talent... Nice drawing........

I like the color! It gave life to the drawing.

Infact i love it not just like it.i did the samething also.thanks for supporting @surpassinggoogle @teardrops we do apprecaite every body who take their time to sit and sketch our logo for teardrops.God bless you.keep followin us @sutpassinggoogle @steemgigs @steemsecrets @teardrops because big things are comings on the way from my boss @surpassinggoogle to this platform.


I've been followig him ever since I started here in steemit


Thats very nice of you.his a good hearth man.hope you enjoy him and his creativies?


That remaind me,hope you know that his birthday is loading,how do we celebrate with him.bring up an idea.its out boss we need too cook up somthing big for him

I love the way how you conceptualize the teardrops.

It's very superb of replacing coins to steem logo as a representation of tear value.

Keep steeming @joveanz!