TEARDROPS : My own version for surpassinggoogle

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This is my own version of teardrops which is a smart media token for @surpassinggoogle and @steemgigs. This drawing is inspired by Stephen Hawking. The moon and stars represents the cosmos on which Stephen Hawking was so interested about and the tears are for his final farewell to us.


The materials used in my drawing are short bond paper, pencil, black 0.5 ball point pen, black marker and colored pencils.


The first step is make a rough sketch of the eyes and also include the tears.


Then draw a moon and stars on the center of the eyes.


Trace the sketch with a 0.5 black ball point pen.


Fill the eyelashes, eyebrows as well as the eyes with black using the black marker or black colored pen.


Color the eyes with any color you like. Here i used yellow for the moon and baby blue, sky blue and navy blue colored pencils for the eyes.



That's all for my entry for @teardrops. I hoped you liked it.

I would like to thank @surpassinggoogle for giving us the opportunity to show and share our talents. Then please support @surpassinggoogle as a witness by voting him at [https://steemit.com/~witnesses] and type in "steemgigs" at the search box.

Best regards,

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Wow that was impressive pwede kayo sa steemgigs. Sali kayo sir! dito. Dito kahit sino may pweding i-offer :)

Magaling ito tol! I'm really really impressed. Filipinos are really very artistic! Proud Filipino here. Keep up the good work tol @josealmergepegs!

Salamat. 😊

  ·  last year (edited)

Stephen Hawking, one of our great physicist, deserve a teardrop and a great respect. Nice art keep it up.

Thaaanks. 😊

  ·  last year (edited)

Wow what an amazing art !
proud to be pinoy :)

@josealmergepegs Esta super tu dibujo, tienes arte en tus manos

i do like it! moooore!

Hello @josealmergepegs

@teardrops SMT imaginary of @surpassinggoogle adds a tear of joy.
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