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I want to share to you my dearest friends the importance of sometimes disconnecting to internet world so that we can enjoy our human connection. I am guilty of this timely issue, many times people around me longs for my attention and want me to listen to them. I feel sorry about it. I dedicate this poem to all of us, including myself.

*Remember when we play together in the street
We enjoy the bonding and not noticing the heat
Life is very simple, we enjoy the fellowship
We eat together and we laugh together in the seat

Everything is changing and evolving
Everyone is now busy in surfing and connecting
When everything became upgraded and updated
Our connection and relationship become outdated

Today, social media kills social life
Friends and family remember this reminder
Choose to disconnect for us to connect
Before we experience the society of stiffneck

We know that it is a sad story of everybody
Wake up, we can change the world, buddy
When we get home let us face our priority
To have enough time with our loving family

When we eat let us disconnect to connect
When we are in bed let us disconnect to connect
Enjoy the simple moment with love ones
Because we are just living once.*

Thank you for reading this poem, it is my honest observation everywhere, people are getting consumed by cell phones, social media until we suffer our social life. I am not exempted here I am also guilty.

There is no wrong in internet, social media they are neutral, it will always depend on the user.

Anything in excess is bad.

We lived before without it and we can still live without it.

Thank you @teardrops @steemsecrets @surpassinggoggle for this privilege.

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