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She is my little rose,
I love to kiss her cheeks and nose,
Everyday i hug her tight,
And tell her stories in every night,

Sometimes she wants me to sing,
While the nursery rhymes are playing,
When we go to bed it's unforgettable,
Coz she'll come to me and then we cuddle,

Her favorite food is fried fish,
The only viand she could only wish,
She doesn't eat that much,
That's why she's skinny her diet is top notch,

I love her and she loves me,
By knowing that i'm so happy,
When she came my heart started to sing,
She made my life worth living.



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Cutie patotie bashushang..

  ·  last year (edited)

Nakaka in love talaga ang mga bata :)


Tama jud hehehe salamat sa pag agi @daisyt23 :3

So precious your little rose


Indeed sir :3 thank you so much for droppin by sir :)


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Upvoted and resteem your post

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