The Tears I have when I'm in the darkness...

in teardrops •  last year 

my own artwork

I've been living before in the darkness and this darkness blinds me from the His light...


When I'm still 10 years old, I really hate my dad and mom. They are always fighting and hurting each other. "I don't like this life." That's is the thought I have in my mind every time the fight. But I still have a fear that they might break up and left us. And that was really happened. My dad left my mom because he can't bear anymore her attitudes. He is so coward and so stupid! That is also the though I have in mind. I also hate my mom, and I blame her why dad left us.

My mom and we, her children, go to our grandma to live their temporarily until she can sustain as alone. I like it and I'm thankful, for I can live there peacefully , but then not happily. I though I could, But there are still memories in my heart that reminds me the pains I have before. After few months, though I hate my dad because of what he did, I still felt that I miss him. In my mind, I don't like it but my heart says it. My heart still hoping that someday he will come back and complete our family again. And he really did. He came back after a year. When I saw him, I still have the pain and hatred, but my longing wins over them. I hugged my dad, together with my mom and my siblings. But the hatred still clinging in my heart. He keeps on reminding me the mistake of my dad and mom. So I became rebellious and hardheaded to them. And I decide to live in my grandma's house and there I grew up.

After five years, I'm already a high school student and I'm still living with my grandmother and aunts. They were kind to me and treat me as their own family. With them, I also meet God in my life. Then through His grace, he forgave me and loved though I'm not worthy. There I realized all the mistakes I've done before. I'm always blaming them but not realizing that I'm a sinner too. And God made me realized all the things that I should not done to them. I hate my parents who make me live in this world. I put grudges in my heart because of my hatred. Then God want me to forgive them and love them. At first, it is hard, but then slowly I learned how to forgive and to love them.

I really thank God for giving me a chance to love my family and forget and forgive all their mistakes.

Thank you for reading nag God bless :)

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I am so impressed with your attitude sir... Its a good thing that you are able to know God because He helped u forgive your family which is I guess the best thing that you need to do. Yes, they hurt you in the past but they are still your parents... Hope and pray that you will soon have a happy and peacefull family...

Thank you @kyrie1234. I really appreciate it. God bless...

I really like your drawing. Hahahah chuy man diay ka mudrawing dong

Haha thanks nik :)...

you are creative in art

Thank you @steemibu351

Yes, learn to forgive and to forget, specially if it's your family. God bless you @jefersond

Ur right @josephbuarao. God bless also

Bro, you can do everything that you can think of. Well, that is my philosophy. So hatred will not give us positive results. Im glad that forgiveness and love came back to you. Always look on the bright sides. At least you had bonded with your grandma. Right? Life is great.

Yes. Thanks to them for they are as our bridge for reconciliation... Thanks also i really appreciate your effort bro 👍