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Change can be avoided?I t has been said over and over again that there is nothing permanent in this world except change.Things come and go.What is here today may be gone tomorrow.No matter how much you try to hold on to something dear and close to you,sooner or later,it has to go. I may be your family members,friends,relationships,an inheritance or life itself.

  • Are there behaviors and attitudes which you think and feel much be change?Are there those,on the other hand,which you think must be kept and preserved?*

It was eight years ago that words in my childish penmanship but even today,the first word that comes on my mind when i think of my parents separation is nightmare.Indeed, it was a nightmare,filled with screaming,crying,brainstorming,and never ending pain...only i could not wake up to end it because it was real.And the only question is why?why?why? but there is no one to get an answer to the question,i could never ask help to someone because dont like to my friends know about my parents,i cannot accept that those happened to me.

Imagine for a moment what it feels like to be in the middle of a storm with the wind howling all around you,cold raindrops sliding down your face,and everything falling apart because of the powerful strenght of the storm.Half of all marriages end up in separation/annulment/divorce and anyone who has to live through one knows this helpless,hopeless feeling.

I remember constantly changing my mind over which parent's side to take.

It was a time of hypocrisies,lies and contradictions.I remember my father telling me horrible things about my mother and my mother telling me over again that my father was a sick twisted monster who did not love me ...never had ,never would.

One day when i was in grade five, I had no homework.My teacher was annoyed but little did she know i had spent the night with my mother in a hotel because the order of protection against my father yet to come through.I felt as if i where drowning in an ocean of tears.

I could go on forever describing that time in my life,but these days i am trying to move past all that,The winds of hatred had begun to calm around me,and sometimes i can see the sun picking out from behind the rain clouds of my painful memories.

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