Teardrops - I wish I never Let You Go

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What I know about love before I met you was that it's worth dying for. Before I met you, I was at peace. Till date I never knew what I saw in knew that took me out of my comfort zone and chasing after you.

We started out as friends who were innocent wanting the best for each others. I can remember every time we spent together at the field, in the class, online chatting and even when we walk home from school. Every moment still remains fresh like the morning dew.

As time went on, little by little, you crept into my heart and set me ablaze for you. You practically took the whole of me. All I could remember was that I became obsessed with you. I would talk about you all the time to my friends. They told me I was into you but I argued. What I didn't know wqs that I have fallen in love with you.

When I never loved you, I had you. Now I have fallen in love you are far away from me.
I found myself in another world you felt wasn't met for you while I looked at you were to special as I felt inferior to you. This misconception took us to separate parts of life but till date our heart still feels the same. I asked you to be mine but you said it is better if we both stay away.

It's not that I don't love you neither do you not love me but I feel I just want us to stay our separate ways.
see what love has cost me. For 4 years I have been trying to move on and take my heart away but the bond is strong I feel it will remain even if the world fades away

a true life story I faced and today I feel I need to learn how to love again

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You always learn and relearn how to love again

Yup that's true bro

Great story. Loving again is not hard. Just love!