My teardrops logo by @surpasinggoogle

in teardrops •  last year 

Hello everyone in my last pist on this i told you guys that i will be redrawing this logo to a better one and this is what i jave done with my art innitiative.
It was really hard putting up all those colour as you may think but funny enough its very easy.
this is what you see as a perfect logo

this is what i actually did
Hope it interests youuu.
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@izuchukwu1506 Gracias por traer tu arte a la comunidad , dibujo es dibujo y en lo personal muestro mi apoyo porque ni yo puedo hacer arte simple :).

@izuchukwu1506 Thank you for bringing your art to the community, drawing is drawing and personally I show my support because I can not do simple art :).

It's kinda scary at the same time sad but it's a wonderful art.