The Meaning of tear drops for our kindness.

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Hello There, Steemers!

Today i want to share with you guys my Art Work of Teardrops for Sir @surpassinggoogle and i want to thank him for this opportunity, now lets just proceed to this article we are about to discuss,the meaning of teardrops, either you're a good or bad person, and realize what our tears worth for.


The Meaning Of our Tear Drops.
For me as a, good person in our community, in today society, the deep meaning of our tears, is our strong and weakness as a human, i just realized everytime that when, im alone and no one can see me, and only my deep thoughts is the one that i talking too, I've always say to my self why im not strong like the others?, i always cried, even if for some, lame excuses, and small reasons, why the others, like to hurts somebody feelings, and then again they're the one who consience by there own intentionally mistake?
And suddenly, i stop from thinking the problem from my head, and realized that maybe some other people did bad things to them too, from before?.
And they want to be strong, and mean to people because of that bad incident happened in their life, they want to be tough enough for, not that things happen again
>Before, they are good persons too, but other people takes advantage their kindness.*
i know guys, we have our own ,belief and free opinions, about the said scenario and ,there are some excuses, why we drops our tears for some reason that you know, is that for our problem in life?, or is that because for our ralationship to people that we know and make us hurt by them?.
dont let bad people, takes your kindness for yourself and for your love ones that do believe in you.
be kind, the way that your kindness suit you.
Thats why for me, the meaning of our tears in our eyes, is the word-
WHAT IS TEARDROPS ALL ABOUT TEARDROPS is an imaginary Smart Media Token (SMT) that gives rewards to those people who shared their testimonies about their life struggle and have cried because of joy, sadness, loneliness, grief and tears. It is one of the project of one of the running witnesses @surpassinggoogle or Sir Terry/SG

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Thanks for explaining the meaning behind the project!


and thanks to you too for reading my blog @raybilson 😄

Sending kindness to you sir. Worth the read and upvote :)


ohh thanks for your comment man. 😄

What's this teardrops project about, and how can I enter?


you just have to follow sir @surpassinggoogle, and vote for your witness [just click here] ,in the first search box , pls type steemgigs and vote it as your witness, and then create an art that related to teardrops and smart media tokens, you just have type the word teardrops for your first tag, thank you 😄

thanks for all of your kindness, steemit people specialy to sir terry @surpassinggoogle,. give all my love and support if you need a goodfriend. 😄

We always think of others stronger than we are, but we are stronger than them, they just do not tell us when they are weak,
Do not think we are weak because we are born into this world as a winner ..
Tears are not a weak mark but prove that we have feelings ..


you have a point in that @adson, but like what ive said to this post, we have our own belief, and freewill, what you want to think about our feelings, thanks to your comment, i do appreciate it. 😊

Very beautiful artwork, I love your artwork, because you support @surpassinggoogle. People who have a very high social life and always share for the weak. Thank you for sharing and hopefully you will be more successful to work @ismesikero.


thanks to your comment, i hope we can be an inspiration to other people someday here in steemit, that our family and friends to be proud of. "one love is answer". 😄

You’re very talented! Congratulations!! And, in my opinion, it’s ok to cry... we’re all here to learn and be the Best we can :)


not just me have a talent, but also you, we all have the talent's in our every aspect of life, like this, @naturald you give a comment to my post, and appreciate my artwork, thats your talent to making, other people happy. And now i thank you, because of that, talent of yours. 😄

happy with your good friends. your post is very worthy to be given support


thanks, i do appreciate your kindness. 😄


You are welcome

Actually, our eyes were considered a window into our soul so if tears come out from our eyes, it says something about our feelings. It's either happiness or sadness, we are weak or we are strong!


tear is a mini example of the words, happy and sad. we are so blessed that we have that two feelings, i kinda remember the movie inside out. that movie is the best example of, if we dont feel sadness, we cant ever reach our happiness that we want in our life. 😊 thanks to your comment.


Thank you alot


it's a pleasure to make you happy sir, thanks for supporting some minnows like me sir. 😊

Good day, what i like about you drawing and message is that you explain why some people cry and why some are rude sometimes to others and truely many of the reasons are that they had really been abused and hurt by the people they laid so much trust on. Sometimes, i do hide in my own corner and cry for many reasons, i even ask God that why me, why me? Its a difficult situation to face but there are moments of joy that you shed tears of joy because you weren't expecting such a good person or a good thing to come your way. Tears on the coin? Wow it means happiness comes when money comes. You will cry tears of joy my friend.
I have upvoted you already and Followed too


im so happy, about the fact of this post, gives inspiration and conclusion to people that they want to suggest some opinion of their own. thanks for following me. @valsroad

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thanks for your upvotes ill do appreciate it. 😊