Should I Stop or Should I Go?

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Should I stop or should I go?

Maybe? Maybe those heart aches and heart breaks that I encountered are not enough for me to choose to go and continue this foolish love inside of me. Am I selfless? Because I am always thinking about you, thinking about how have you been, think about if you’re missing me too. In reality though, I am selfish. Selfish, because I always go in that direction where I will become stronger and where I will find my happiness and my inner self-satisfaction. That's why I am here choosing to continue love; that even though for you this is senseless, yet for me it is unequivocally meaningful. Meaningful because love has many colors, many shades, many levels, and many kinds. It is an unfathomable emotion that people who tries to fathom It, they end up on various description accompanied by their own self-bias. Yet for me, it is meaningful because it is you – pretty plain and simple.


There are days that I’m thinking on putting a stop to this madness, to this foolishness that is eating me, to this stupidity that is endangering my whole existence. But then, I’ve realized that when I’d do that, it also means that I’ll stop breathing too – for you are my air, you are the reason for my beating heart, you complete my existence.

So, should I stop or should I go?


From all the confusion that’s been going on through me right now, the only clear thing I know is that: Maybe I can choose to stop if this world stops me from believing that you and I are meant to be together, forever.

Am I blind? Yes. Am I in-love? Foolishly, yes. Am I selfish? Indeed. But this is me, loving with the best thing I know how. This is me irrationally loving you.

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Go in the direction where you will be stronger..
I am the first to advice you. lol :-)


Thanks for the advise @amitsharmamt nice to meet you

Let your mind decide over your heart,..ask guidance from strong .!!!

you should go