Teardrops for my friend 😢

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Today is a sad morning because my friend lost her husband. A traggic incident happened while they were sleeping. Two men attacked their home and stabbed them with knife. Her husband was declared dead on arrival while my friend was in the hospital because of several wounds she had.

What a sad morning for us!

I know my friend's situation is really deppressing. The fact that you were there seeing your husband being stabbed was a heart breaking.

Friend, be strong enough to overcome what you have been through right now. Let your tears pacify your sadness. Cry out the pain you have. Pray and ask for comfort to our Lord. Time will heal every wounds in your heart.

See you soonest.

Here is the news link http://news.abs-cbn.com/news/03/08/18/tindero-tindera-sa-palengke-pinagsasaksak-ng-2-menor-de-edad


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Condolence to him. Let god judge those criminals.


Thank you @glentoy

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So tragic.. Please tell your friend to be strong..


I will. Thanks @akoaypilipina

I pray she get healed soon and may the soul of her husband rest in peace.


Thank you @onenecha

@teardrops sends a tear of hope for you and your friend.


Thank you @teardrops

I'm so sorry dear, i pray she finds strength to live and be happy again. My condolense.

I'm so sorry dear, i pray she finds strength to live and be happy again. My condolence.


Thank you @wakkylyon with the help of the people around her, she will soon be fine. We are here to uplift and makes our friend stronger.

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What a loss! I pray she finds the fortitude to bear the great loss....
Take heart , the Lord is with you all and may her husband rest in peace


Thank you @slimsieris