Drwaing of Teardrops for @surpassinggoogle

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Hello Steemain fellows!

Today I made drawing of Teardrop for dearest Sir @surpassinggoogle I am really excited for this great project, because i give chance to show my untalent drawing in this platform. Hope you are all of like my drawing, it's a really big honor for me...

WP_20180224_21_39_40_Pro (2).jpg



this drawing I made few months ago with ball pen...14606981_1658162941141686_5375190285779206144_n.jpg

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beautiful artwork @hazelalex, behind the beauty it also has its own meaning. I really salute people who have an artistic soul, because the art is not owned by many people. No wonder if @surpassinggoogle gives a vote for your articles. Hopefully you will be more successful to work .. :)

You just said my mind...

Its more than awesome, loved this awesome artwork @hazelalex I appreciate it dear.

If there is any other word better than awesome I will also use it to describe her art

me too :) @cyprianj

Very good painting, thank you for sharing

Honestly I loved the last artistic drawings... It was just so real

Very nice drawing you have such a great idea.and thanks for do it for a great man #surpassinggoogle so keep it up have a nice day.

For me she deserves an award, not everyone can be this creative and with high intuition.

i can feel different emotions with your drawings, nice

woow, beautiful painting..

Ypu are creative, o like your drawing
Keep it up

Wow amazing artwork ♥
Keep it up & keep steeming ♥

very nice artwork @hazelalex. thanks for sharing your talents here in this community.

Really nice,great talent and drawing,surpassing Google will definitely be thrilled.


You really got the talent dear.... Nice one
Keep it up

Great drawing..actually i want to try this one though iam not used to draw,i just want to share something also to @ surpassinggoogle who really value "teardrops".:) thanks for sharing @hazelalex

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Nice handwork @hazelalex great work, thanks for sharing your talent.....

This is amazing , God bless you

hello :D i like drawings too , kindly see my drawings and i hope you'll like it https://steemit.com/drawing/@sheiloiys/1-sketch-blooming-inside

Nice one @hazelalex. Great artwork! I like it so much, the one you draw with a blue ballpen. Nice shading.!keep steeming girl.! I'm sure surpassinggoogle will give a reward later!

Great , very creative keep it up @surpassinggoogle

Bundel of thanks to everyone eppericiate my work and also thanks to @surpassinggoogle give me reward for my effort 💕

@hazelalex Good drawing, art and design :) Neither I draw like that XD