#Teardrops: A Message to my daughter on her Graduation Day!

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My little ate has grown up! It seem's like only yesterday that I was dropping you off at your Nursery day,
I always treasured that moment anak, You and your Sister ikay grow-up without a parent at your side,
but you did a good job anak, you never disappointed us yet you make us very proud anak,
on this milestone day, I AM SO PROUD OF YOU! every day I am in awe that I get the privilege of being your mama.

And FINALLY! you made it anak, the countdown begin,
continue to make us proud anak, just always remember I will always be here cheering you on.
I love you more than I could ever express. you truly made me proud and happy on your success.

Thanks for reading and dropping by!

Wishing you all GOOD LUCK, lots of LOVE and PEACE!

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  ·  last year (edited)

Congratulats to your daughter.


thank you :-)


Your welcome poh mam sure poh ako na proud kayo sa anak nyo sa kanyang nakamit.


Indeed. I'm truly proud :-) thank you @denver

Congratulations kay Ayannah mo Jing.


thank you cla :-)

Congratulations to the proud mother and to the daughter.
Teardrops adds a tear of joy


oh thank you so much for that wonderful message :-))