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Every teardrop is precious, so make sure that if you drop some, it's worth crying for you can never pick them up and put it back in your eyes.

Teardrop comes out in happiness and sadness. It tells that we cant handle more of this two emotions. In happiness it falls while in sadness it flows. Pain is necessary in life, it helps us grow and teaches us lessons. Dont be afraid to show the world that your Tear drops. When you cry doesnt mean youre weak, it shows that you are strong enough to face reality and keeps moving forward.


In happiness it falls
Without you knowing at all
It tells what you feel inside
The feeling that you cant hide

In sadness it flows
That only your heart knows
A promise that has been broken
That she will always be there until the end

Just endure the pain
Let it out until its drained
For it lifts your broken heart
And heals it for being apart

Teardrops are always there
For it symbolizes that you care
To someone you dont want to lose
And you loved the most

I want to offer this poem to @surpassinggoogle for doing amazing things in steemit community. Thank you kabayan! Keep it up!

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A very meaningful peom . My friend!


Thank you feb!


Lovely one there


Thank you :)

Thank you for appreciating :)

My photo of the Manhattan skyline was taken from Liberty Island, New York. The tallest building you see in the background is
The Empire State Building.
I thought the seagulls in the foreground were a nice touch posing for the camera so I didn't crop them out.