Hate me, Ignore me, I Don't Want To Change Myself To Anyone

in teardrops •  last year

We born to this world to be happy though there are some errors that need to fix. All human beings are not perfect. For me, even if you don't like me as long as this is me and no one can change me. Hate me, judge, and ignore me it's okay for me as long as I did not hit someone's life. I just want to be happy even if I'm alone. I just want to live my life easy even if there are so many problems to face. I just want to make sure that I don't regret anything before leaving this world.

No one can decide you it's only yourself. No one can dictate you because you yourself knows what is right and what is wrong. Don't ever change yourself for others sake. Don't change because someones telling you. It's on them if how to deal with you, its on them on how they treat you as long as you are true to yourself then there's nothing wrong with that.

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Just be yourself, people will later appreciate you for whom you are.


Yes I will

Oh god! You're so damn hot talaga as in!

I respect your thoughts.
If you can respect yourself in what you doing then no need to change at all. People who cannot match they should change themselves for you.


Don't worry sir I always adjust to match other if they can't do it for me, it's okay as well.Hehehe good evening sir.


Please don’t mention me Sir.

Just remember my one sentence: (Just my own Thinking)
You may reach beyond of your imagination in your life.

Be true and be yourself ms beautiful


Yeah I will dear.

You are a wonderful human being, be yourself, always in search of the best version of yourself.

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You are so much beautiful, why you think badly? Think better, fill better & get better...

i think most positibe side is that take it easy. we can't change other thinking and behaviour attitude but can controll myself too. it dosen't fact who and how they think about me if i positive. thanks for your beautiful words.