Art In Teardrops-BallpenSketching @surpassinggoogle

in teardrops •  last year  (edited)

This past days I observed that many steemians are eager to share their arts for teardrops as showing their support to what we call the Father of Minnow@surpassinggoogle with the motto: EVERYONE HAS SOMETHING TO OFFER.So, I decided to make and sketch mine too, even Im not good in drawing but I do my best to show my support as well.
Here are the steps on how I do my drawing.

I just used a ballpen in my drawing, First I layout the edges of the eye and able to form it. Then by the use of the ballpen I sketch the retina of the eye.

Next part, I sketch the eyebrow. Then I add some designs with the steemit logo and minnow.

So here it is, my final output.
Showing my support to @surpassinggoogle!..

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Great work man :) is this a tribute for Sir Terry @surpassinggoogle and @teardrops ?


Exactly @joveanz, In return of his goodness, we need to give tribute to him, for his generosity!


Ang ganda naman nyan..
Napagsama Ang concept Ng smt teardrops at steemit logo..
Engineer talaga magaling..!


Thank you so much.! I appreciate it! @franbel

Langkah langkah sketsa yang baik

hala ang notes sa eng'ng management. ahahah

Mehn, this drawing is great

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Awesome art, well done