Teardrops... My mixed testimony.

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Health is wealth... It's not only wealth but the total well-being of the body, soul and mind keeps the human breathing. I am away on this platform due to an unforeseen illness.


This post is about my passing out parade from National Youth service Corp (NYSC). NYSC is a compulsory program for all higher institution graduate that still falls below the age of 30years old. I started my one year service last year 26 of July and it's expected to just lasted a year. I woke up last week Thursday with the joy of going to get my certificate as an evidence to the completion of the scheme but my body gave way to illness.

I woke up with Diarrhea using the toilet like 5times between the hour of 5am and 9am. I thought it's just a normal stomach disorder but it wasn't. Eventually I stand against all odds to go and get the certificate. It was will on my way that the whole hell let loose, I was running high temperature, headache as well as shivering inside the commercial bus. It wasn't the conventional malaria as expected.


I had to branch at a pharmacy store after consulting a doctor on call. I got the combination of both pain relief, malaria drugs, and antibiotics drugs all to fight the impending illness. After two day, the malaria was suppressed and their was relieved in the system but the stomachache persisted. I have no choice than to visit the hospital on a Monday morning in other to go for test and ascertain what's actually happening.


The result of the test was partially fine but still having a medication issue. The doctor after reading the outcome of the test diagnosed a typhoid as the reason for the persistence stomach ache.

How I wish I could never get ill.

I was placed on some injection and some drugs. Medical bills can't be compared with food expenses. I went to the pharmacy with the drugs prescription with cash (I thought was much) to purchase the drug but only to discovered that the cash won't even be enough.


I eventually had to do away with those I perceived won't be really necessary after I had talk with the pharmacist. I found my way back to the hospital and got the nurse attention for the injection before I finally left the hospital.
Even with the hardship of the Economy I had to use unexpected fund to treat an unforeseen illness. I can only be grateful to God for restoration of health and provision at the time of need.

Eventually, it was a mixed feeling. The joy of successfully completing the service year and the pains of sickness. In all situations I still return the glory to God.

I need strength


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