Smart Media Token : the pain of losing you...As if I loss everything!

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I am a newly wed but my husband need to go back to abroad for our future. Before he left I got pregnant and we were very happy. everyone is happy then with the blessing that we have. We are all excited for the new member of the family. WE have plans for the baby though it is still in the womb. I was almost one month delayed when I have my pregnancy check up and it turn positive. I went home after a week and told them the good news. Everyone is happy as we are yearning for a new member of the family of course to complete myself and my husband.

Child is a blessing for a couple and we were happy to have him. I have so many plans to my baby and I took good care of my health so well. I have vitamins my doctor gave me. I don't overworked myself so that I will not have a problem of raising him in my womb. I was about to have an ultrasound a day after the crucial event happened,

I saw a brown clot coming out and thought it was just implantation. But then the following day. I have some bleeding so I went to the doctor immediately. And have some test again. Its amazing that it is still positive though a lot of blood came out. I took chances to let my baby live..the following day we went to another doctor for a second opinion however the fact that I felt I am losing him I still keep my faith that he will live.

The following moments are more crucial emotionally and physically. I cried a lot because I lose my suppose to be my eldest and it hurts a lot knowing he just came in my life for a month and did not stay long. I should have given him the love that he is entitled too because we are yearning for him.

Much as I want to tell more of my pain I knew you felt it. its hard losing him. I am very much certain that there is a reason of my loss and in time I can understand it.

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so sad po..randam ko po kayo..3 times din nakunan ang misis ko noun.,po..

Kaya nga po. But need to be strong, God is always there..and I know there's a reason..

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I am happy for you... But next time, try to put your own image to get others attention...

I love what you said here! I love your story... Take care of your baby ok! If you will ask me?
I love the name of,
ASRIEL, meaning God's support. or
AMARIS, meaning Given by God...

She lost her baby

Even though how it is hard for us to lose someone, there is always a reason. For sure you will have another baby and you will be the best mom.

You will be blessed with another baby sis.. Don't lose hope!


Amidst the pain and sorrow, tears come from a place of intense love, hope, care, growth.

Our hug for you. We will mention you in our next edition.

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Much as I want to tell more of my pain I knew you felt it. its hard losing him. I am very much certain that there is a reason of my loss and in time I can understand it.

God shall wipe away all tears, be strong mother, for you shall have another child soon enough.

It's sad reading through this, but I'm glad you've found your innermost strength to believe that surely better days are ahead, it truly is a thing of joy for a family when they have a child and you will too.

Similar situation here in Nigeria, she lost her child in the early years of marriage, but now she's given birth to a bouncing baby girl.

Just remain strong, take some @teardrops token and be filled with joy, for surely God shall visit you.

Sorry for your loss, but God always has a way of great comforting and @teardrops will definitely turn your tears of sorrow into joy, I felt your pain but I believe God knows and He is really doing something about it.

You will be a very good mother and many babies will come your way...m sorry for the loss