Matthew 7:7 - "Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you."

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This a true story of my friend, I decided not to name them for their privacy. A story of faith, hope, love and forgiveness..

They started as friends back in college. All has their partners in their group except for him and this guy. Since they are the only single in the group they are frequently teased by their friends. One day, they just decided, what if they try to be partners? They both agreed. They graduated in college together. Their relationship lasted for years, and one day she got pregnant and decided to get marry. The funny thing is they are not on a serious relationship. They just decided to get marry because of the baby.

After she gave birth, they learn to be mature enough as they are building a family. She decided to resign to work and be a housewife while his husband transfer to other company with higher benefits and salary.
The noticed her husband change when he switch job. He always have new clothes and always conscious about his look. He won't even leave without perfume. She just ignore it. She convinced herself it was just a job requirement.
A year after, a friend called, " Hey! Your car loan was approved." "What? We didn't loan for a car.",she said. "The one that your husband viewed." "Are you nuts? We can't afford to buy a car", she said. She don't know what to think. Something telling her she got to find out what's happening. She decided to visit his husband at work.

When she came, nervous and anxious, she secretly sneaked in. There, she found her husband in a car with his boss (the girl). He has an affair with his boss for years. She confronted her husband but he didn't let the girl came out of the car. She just left.

It was so painful. They talked and her husband was asking for forgiveness. They even went for counseling but it was so hard for her. She wants separation. 
She grieve. She was depressed. She even pity herself. She locked  herself in their room. She wants to be alone. She cannot eat. She was crying all the time. They decided to get her a check-up. She said she can't live with him anymore. Then the doctor found out she was pregnant.

Her world crushed. She doesn't love him anymore. She doesn't want another child with him. Her family talked to her and convinced her to fixed their relation and give him a second chance. She said she to be brave. She's pregnant and have to be healthy for the baby. They both agree to continue the relationship.
For 3 years, they were just in a casual relationship. He gives budget and work. She take care of the kids and herself. Just casual, you do whatever you want, I'll do mine. No interaction, just casual. No sexual encounter since she pregnant on her second child. They life goes on like that for years.

One day, she felt pain on her breast when carrying heavy things or doing heavy household chores. She panicked. She felt a lump on her breast. She don't know what to do. Her mother died of breast cancer. She told her husband and give her money for check-up. She's nervous. The doctors cannot tell exactly her condition. They have to perform laboratory but they have to wait for her menstruation. She was always praying. She's afraid. That was the day when she open up to her husband. She was crying. She don't want to die. She don't want to leave her kids. Her husband showed her support. He tell her not to panicked and just wait for the doctor's findings. They prayed together.
Her menstruation came. She can finally have her laboratory. Her husband was with her. They are praying constantly. They got time to talk over things in the past. Later, They found their selves forgiving each other. They decided to work out their relationship. maybe its not too late for reconciliation.

After days of waiting, her lab result arrived. Her lump was benign. They both cry. It was the happiest moment for them. 

The Lord has His own way of settling things. Even in the most hopeless situations, the Lord has the answers. We just have to believe. 

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thank you so much

Wow such a wonderful story thankyou foe sharing it with us .. always choose love over hate ..