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Greetings to all #stemians.
(Hello family,)

A very close friend of mine, that is like a sister to me (TEMILOLUWA ISIOMA) has been diagnosed with Appendicitis. She was earlier scheduled for surgery but couldn't meet up due to financial challenges. This inability has led to a deterioration of her condition to the extent the appendicitis is almost bursting open.
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It hurts to see her this way, helpless and almost falling apart. We don't want to lose this young girl that has so much to live for.

I reached out to the community for help with the help of @eurogee one of the community leaders in Nigeria, a total amount of #30,100 equivalent to $85 has been raised so far from my friends in the communities I belong to.

It's a good start with the money contributed. But more $100 is still needed. so i really need your support to save my friend's life.

It is for this reason I am appealing to us all. Please give a helping hand to this young girl who is facing the worst challenge of her life.
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Nothing is too small, the penny you contribute can make a whole lot of difference in rescuing this young life from the risk of premature death!
Again, the amount donated doesn't matter; what matters is rendering a helping hand and your support. Whatever you're piqued to donate will be highly appreciated.

Thank you.

steemit donations to @emekasegun

I am grateful and I appreciate you all.

God bless you, richly.

I'll keep you all posted.

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Hello my friend. This is truly harrowing man!

Does anyone know of a way for people to donate fiat? I tried sending money to a mutual friend of ours in Nigeria recently, I tried one bank and 3 money transfer services and none were accepted but maybe somebody here, maybe @eurogee knows a simple way to do this?

This cannot be allowed to go unnoticed! How can anybody that calls themselves Doctor allow this girl to continue to suffer without acting to help without money???

I dislike many aspects of life in my country but the fact that you get treatment first and if there are any costs they are discussed after the help is an important thing.

Wishing all the love and best wishes in the world my friend.

thank so much, really appreciate you so much, but i think sending money from usa, uk and canada to east and west Africa can easily be done via an App called *wave wallet its on the google play store check here https://www.wave.com/
@stevenwood you can use this code to get additional bonus while sending (adeola)

Be blessed. I hope she can get the surgery.

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thank you so much

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Thanks for bringing help to your friend, we all need a friend like you
Check your wallet, I just send you something little. May God locate her with a helper... Amen

thank so much dear, really appreciate your support, God bless you so much..

I was very surprised to visit your post. hearing stories that are very impressive for all, moreover the diseases he faces are very dangerous for your friends, and we pray that there are still people in this world who care for people who cannot seek treatment, thank you.

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i thank you too for the support, God bless you so much.

Hope she gets well soon! Upvoted ✌️

thanks so much, really appreciate your effort.