My Happy Teardrops: Thankful to My Steemian Friends

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In the spirit of Holy Week, I would like to share with you the blessings God has given me that made this week extra special. I would have generalized that the first two blessings made by two of my Steemian friends who were sent from above but I want to elaborate what they did for me further on this post. Here are my blessings:

First, Ma'am @purpledaisy57 helped me catch a Poser on Facebook.


I am really thankful to Ma'am @purpledaisy57 for asking me first if I have another Facebook account. We were about to end our conversation when she opened up about a friend request I allegedly send her in an account named “Steemit Em Em.” Of course, I already had doubts so I asked for the link but when I was trying to click the Facebook profile link of the fake account, it always say "Content Not Available." Now when I search it, Facebook cannot search it anymore. Even my Steemit friends who I asked to report the account said that they cannot find it so I concluded that maybe the Poser has deleted it. @purpledaisy57 has made a post.

I don’t know why scammers kept on tormenting me but I hope they will stop soon because it is actually disheartening knowing they want to use my identity maybe to scam other people as well. With this, I made a public post about the scammer and set my account to private. Another form of scam prevented using a stolen identity.

I am truly thankful to @purpledaisy57!

Second, Sis @shirleynpenalosa donated 5 SBD to my account.


I am also truly grateful to sis @shirleynpenalosa because of the unexpected donation she made on my account. Honestly, it was an amazing surprise as I am in need of SBD this week and what I have is not enough. For 2 days, I was in an island so there was no signal or any way for me to go online and I was truly happy about this donation of sis @shirleynpenalosa. I need to have a second look on my Wallet just to confirm that I am not dreaming!

To Sis @shirleynpenalosa, I can now confirm God works in mysterious ways and through the people around us. What we need, God will fill up using our friends and I am intensely happy and grateful for your giving heart. Your donation made my day. Thank you so much!

Last But Not The Least, I had my first out-of-town trip for the last few years.


A month before this trip, every week I had asked God to just give me the 2 days of the trip (March 29 and 30) to let me come. You see, being in the Sales & Marketing Department, I cannot always ask for a leave when I want. Even my scheduled leave is always moved and often I cannot avail because there is no one who will be there to help clients. Well for this trip, what I worried about is the March 29 only since there is no office in March 30 (Good Friday). I prayed fervently to God to please just give me the 29th. Heck, I was even holding my breath literally last March 28 because one problem in sales can ruin my attendance on that trip. But thank God for my answered prayer and I was granted to come.


I was so happy and very tearful when after 5 PM no problem came. I cannot contain my excitement and even thanking the Lord God on my way home. It was my first time again to go on a vacation in a super long time and so, I was truly grateful to God. He helped me come to this exciting and memorable event and I am truly grateful to Him!

Tomorrow we will be celebrating Easter Sunday and it will be the end of Holy Week yet I know God will not leave me and He will still bless me and everyone I know.

Thank you @purpledaisy57 and @shirleynpenalosa and of course, to Almighty God!

Photos are owned by @emdesan.

Thank you for reading!

March 31, 2018 - 11 PM

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Happy Easter and enjoy your blessings, you deserve them. Take care and I am glad I was able to help you


Thanks Ma'am really appreciate it!

Thank God you put two generous souls on your path to help you. What we ask with the heart, God does give with love.


I totally agree... God always give what we need.

awwww....sis this is too much....I mean...I have been a recipient of God's mercy and grace and bountiful blessings sis, I am just sharing my blessing sis and it's my way of giving back to the people whom God used in answering my prayers. :-) Thank you so much for this post, alla nakaka overwhelmed lang tlga sis. God bless you and your wonderful family. :-) <3


You deserve this Thank you post sis! Salamat talaga sa donation mo. God bless you and your family!


Never ending thank you sis ikaw talaga....thank you thank you thank you and thank you :-) <3 God bless you and your family too <3 <3 <3

i feel sad for what happened to you. This event is a lesson to many of us to be careful with our respective account. thanks for sharing this one. God is not blind he will help you with your problems and trials in the future. done upvoting it. God bless you always.


God bless you too and I agree to everything you have said. God will always be there for us.. Followed you!


prevention is better than cure. triple or more check and recheck must be done in order to safe guard ourselves from greedy thieves. thanks for following. lets continue helping each other. continue be a voice to those who are voiceless and powerless.


I can now confirm God works in mysterious ways and through the people around us. What we need, God will fill up using our friends and I am intensely happy and grateful for your giving heart. Your donation made my day. Thank you so much!

God at times gives us surprises so we can be happy and trust him but at times he delays in order build patience in us and to bring better things our way.


Thank you so much for your comment. I totally agree with you and He will make your friends an instrument too for His will.