"Tears of a Longing Daughter"

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Mabuhay Steemians!

As I grow old I realized how important it is to have a Mother by my side, especially now that I'm a mother already. I appreciate more the love and sacrifices.

I created this poem for you Nanay (Mother). I wish you are here to guide me everyday as I endeavor the jouney to motherhood.


Our photo here seems fading,
but my love for you is everlasting.

Nanay, it is so difficult to solely face this journey
but I need to be strong to make it all the way.

Everyday is a struggle.
Some would care but no one is really here.

There are nights that I'm cryin',
I'm longing for your lovin'.

I never changed, I'm still your weak daughter, yearning for your utmost care.

I know that you gave me wings so that I could fly on my own,
but still I'm here, having a hard time to fly alone.

I thought it's easy to build my own family,
but Nanay you're right, it's not an A-B-C.

You taught me things I need in order for me to survive,
but just like an air, you are very important to make me alive.

I hurt you and I deeply regret.
How could I do it to a woman who only thinks of what I deserve best?

Your gentle touch I need today,
to comfort my weary heart who has been tired lately.

Nanay, I need you, I love you, please come back and stay,
you are the only one who understand me deeply.

I miss you and I long for you Nanay, can you hug me today?


I hope you get inspired and value more your Mother!

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Many thanks Steemians!
Maraming Salamat!
Daghang Salamat!
Damo na Salamat!😍

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You never know what you have lost until your mother passes on.


No she isn't gone, we are just miles apart. It's been a long time since we've been together and I really missed her.


Just keep loving her as you do and keep telling her how much you love her.


I will @trendygran, thank you.

Yay! Nanay I Love you. 😀💖