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Mabuhay Steemians!

Yesterday I was surprised seeing my Wallet. A certain @mashiliyanage has transferred a 3 SBD into my account.


I was happy and grateful for the blessing. I was touched by what she gave and the message. She is really a beautiful and generous person. She, with no hesitation transferred an SBD just to help my sick Mother.


I know it's hard to earn such amount of SBD. Not every blog we post we earn, but for her it didn't matter. She gave without expecting in return.

To you @mashiliyanage, a Big THANK YOU! Your Mother raised you so well. You are a beautiful girl inside and out. God bless you and your Mother! Hug and kiss her for me!

And to all who are supporting, upvoting ang resteeming my blogs for a call to upfund my Mother's medication, Thank you so much and God bless you all!

Blessed and grateful! Share now your #gratefulvibes story. Join the @gratefulvibes community by @paradise-found.

P.S. support the person who inspires many, Sir Terry @surpassinggoogle by voting @steemgigs as a witness.
Visit https://steemit.com/~witnesses then type "steemgigs" in the first search box.


Many thanks to you all!

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Wow, I was so surprised! I didn't see this post until now. All I want to say is thank you for mentioning me. If my little gift helped your mother in some way, that would be my pleasure :) God bless!