My wife made a teardrops logo.

in teardrops •  last year  (edited)


So I was telling my wife how the #teardrops community works, and how it makes me feel and she drew this up! So @surpassinggoogle @teardrops here’s a logo entry! #zappl #steembasicincome #muchlove #logodesign p.s induction tomorrow morning!

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Your wife is very supportive (and COOL!) for making this logo design. I hope everyone gets to be as lucky as you. :-) Hope to find your wife soon here in steemit.

Cool! Is your wife on Steemit? I could see you two working together to become massive steemit whales!


She’s considering it :3 I try and convince her all the time!


I just told a friend about it, and they approved him in about 3 days, so right now the wait time isn't bad. Hopefully she will join!

What a great logo design! What is the #teardrops community about? Now I am curious...


@teardrops is a proof of tears community. A place where you can share your insecurities,fears, stories of pain, and earn money for sharing your joys and sorrows that were powerful enough to produce tears.

Interesante, muy bonito el logo.Felicidades