A Bucketful of Teardrops For A Single Mom With A Special Needs Child

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When talking about TEARDROPS - I have a BUCKETFUL of it!

First Blush Of Day
Being a single mom is no joke especially when you have a CHILD with SPECIAL NEEDS (Epileptic Cerebral Palsy). My clock ticks at 4am when I have to get up. Saying my Thanksgiving Prayers and Affirmation for the day before preparing our breakfast and do all the household chores before my son wakes up at 6am or 7 am. Sometimes he wakes up earlier and I am still cooking our meal. I have no problem in getting up early and doing all those household chores as my morning routine for it is already on my system. I am grateful to my parents as I was trained at an early age.

cj in bed.jpg

My Bleeding Heart
Taking care of my son is no problem with me either unless he is sick. The worst scenario is when he will not be able to urinate for 12 hrs or more and I have to take him to the hospital to have a straight-cut-catheter to drain his urine. Not only that, there are times that he suddenly gasping for air and has difficulty in breathing...again, I have to rush him to the hospital emergency room. At times I would see him almost black and blue and I am disconcerted. Sometimes I felt my heart almost jump-out of my mouth when I am scared. All I can do is cry and pray. I pity seeing him in his condition. I know he is hurting inside as he looks at me and there are times that I saw tears rolling down his face and my heart bleeds for him but I have to hide my tears.

Frailties of Wonder Woman
Sometimes when I am tired and rattled..I question God what have I done that my son has to suffer that way when there are others who are more sinful than I am (righteous? I don't know). I am a good daughter and follow His teachings though there's naughtiness in me at times. You may see me laughing but if you look deeply into my eyes (our eyes are the windows to our soul) you will know that I am carrying a heavy luggage and I am hurting. I may look a strong woman but I am deeply hurt inside. I can carry a ton of rice just like what I am doing everyday. Carrying my son back and fort to the bathroom when he takes a bath or when a nature's call is needed. It is the hardest part of my everyday life. I feel the pain of my entire body when I retire at night. I am like a dead log as I am so tired lifting him throughout the day as I cry to sleep. There were also times that he wouldn't sleep and I have to stay up all night. They say that I am Wonder Woman..I have to! Be healthy and strong for no one else will takes care of him for my mother is already 83 years old and I cannot afford a caregiver to takes care of his needs. All of us has our fair share of challenges in life on different levels. Mine? I don't know what level it is. All I have to do is pray that God will give me a strong body and a long life to live for my son's welfare and to stay strong as I am moving forward everyday in our life's journey.

cj and meA.jpg

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  ·  last year (edited)

God bless ate..hope na mag ok na po anak nyo..

From: steemitdavao family


Thank you @mrblu. I know he will be okay in God's time.

God will surely bless you.


Thank you so much and for dropping by as well.

Gabayan po sana kayo lagi ni god at bigyan ng lakas napakabuti nyo pong ina


Salamat sis. I needed that.

I salute you po @diosarich! You’re such a strong and loving mother. God bless you both.


Thanks @appleskie for the salutation. I am hoping that I will always be strong physically, emotionally, psychologically and most of all spiritually.

My heart aches upon reading your post maam @diosarich. Please stay strong for your son. And never forget that God has always a reason in everything. Just stay pray to him because God is so good and prayer is the most powerful weapon to our problems.


I will @sweetnaomi05 he has nothing to turn to if I won't be strong for him. Thanks. Yes I am a witness to that..He answers prayers and that is my only weapon

dont worry @diosarich your labor will not go in vain, God will dispense it all, He is watching you all day and He has a great purpose why He allowed those things ti happen in your life. Be strong always😊


Thanks for the moral booster @mitch0403. I know all of these shall pass in His great time. I can take all the emotional and psychological pain but seeing him really bleeds my heart.


yes te i agree because i was a mother too.. i feel the pain and struggles, it really kills us to see our siblings in pain. ive been there i know how its feels, i know the pain so much.. prayers will be our best is weapon, we never get tired to beg for a miracle..And there is always a Miracle te just believe it happened.

Keep strong madam. May God hear your prayers and bless you. Everything happens for a reason po and I salute you for a being a strong loving mother..


Thanks sis daisyt23. I will and I know that He will answer my prayers in His time.

Keep praying have faith, don't lose hope.

God will make away for you @diosarich

From Your: steemitdavao family


you are right buddy having faith is best in difficult times ..


Thanks for the moral booster @dontryme2. I am hopeful. I am sure He will make a way for us.

Reading the whole of it breaks my heart. :(
You are a strong woman and your son is a brave man. He's fighting for you ma'am.
God bless and never give up.

From your steemitdavao family.


Thanks Pam. I don't easily give up though when I am tired and down I can't help but thinking of giving up!

God has a purpose for everything. Just keep your faith in Him always. Godbless your child ma'am. 😊


Yes @athenabree08 am keeping the FAITH. Thank you.

God is good, ate joyce.


Amen! He is good all the time!

..aw this breaks my heart..your brave...be strong always for him...god is good all the time...


Thanks sis. Yes, He is good all the time!

May God bless you 😢

every pain gets relief yet we need to have belief on God he has given so he will take it .. no one else can ..

  ·  last year (edited)

just hold on. your love as a mom makes your son a fighter. keep going and be strong,priceless reward awaits from above

Don't worry, God will bless you...Salute you great Mom....

  ·  last year (edited)

you are such a brave woman. god bless your heart and god bless your family. he is healing him now. Xxx

keep strong po!

  ·  last year (edited)

god bless you !dear @ diosarich
pray for you GOD will give you do not lose hope

I raised my daughter alone for the first 5 years of her life. I have so so so so much respect for you and sending you my 💛 and a lot of strength!


hmm respect for you too for so much strength ... first 5 years are i think the most important for any parent..
mammasitta you are very inspirational senior May God bless you 😍😍

Lots of love ...

God is good po. :) You're such a strong woman i salute you :)

Hi @diosarich

Thanks for posting on steemitdavao

have faith and the Lord will Bless your way.

From your: steemitdavao family.

steemitdavao bot.png

Keep being the strong lady you are.
I'm sure this would soon pass and you will give thanks to God one day.

I pray your son have a sound health.


Do the right thing. Respond to my message on the facebook page


Aahan msg me terry i will reply hahaha 😂


@surpassinggoogle sir,check my #introduceyourself and support me.

hard to be a single mom what more is a special child

Nice write up but there was know tears on the face of those picture you post to reallt back up your post.its teardrops the agony sign should have been there.thanks for your entry.nice write up

god is good.. all the time. keep strong for your child.. i know its not easy but think positive. ☺😂

Be strong! I adore you, many would already have gave up in your situation but you just have to carry on and pray! God Bless!

can't stop my tears...be strong and keep holding on. continue being a wonder loving mom, u have a priceless reward...

the writing is very good and neat, I like it very much, but I do not know how to write this sebagaus, please share some good writing format, thanks ...!

What I learned from Bible study is that we are still in the state of Sin due to from the fall of Man thus we are still sinners even though that we have good qualities in us, if you read Job's story that God is sovereign and in control which whether we like it or not. So keep close to the Lord.

I admire you ate. God gave you CJ because He knows you can handle this challenge. You are the perfect mother for him. CJ is a gift of God. You have strength, given by God and you will have that kind of strength for forever.