Proof of Hardwork and Perseverance "Tears of Joy for The Accomplishments"

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Home project of me and my husband.
3 years of waiting...3 days of working process
It is all worth waiting

My very own laundry area, now with galvanized roof

Collage 2018-04-10 15_54_18.jpg

Since we've moved in, in this house 3 years ago, we have been planning to put up a roof in this area. But we were not able to do it at once, because there were other things that we must prioritize, like the education of kids, and some loans that we need to pay. So we have to set aside first of that plan. And while waiting, little by little we had a chance to save some money for it.

And at last, the long wait is over for our home improvement...

Now let me share to you some photos of the working process..

On the first day: Putting up the foundation

my husband (in blue) took some time off from his work to assist and help Mr Carpenter here to do the work


You is really too hot in here.And if it rains well it is too rainy...hehehe
And these two big umbrellas here were my protection from the heat and rain. I only used this during my laundry day.

Second Day of Work: Putting up the roof

my husband Erick and Mr. Carpenter is talking, maybe what other materials that we need to buy.

I guess this is the one they are taking about
We ran out of roof so we have to buy 3 more. And well, I have to wait 1 more day to finish the job.

On the third day of work: And it is all done..


Maybe you are wondering why this is a bit spacious, well I really need this kind of space since I do not use washing machine, and I have to do it outdoors because I only do hand washing to do our laundries. And I am using a lot of tub and basin more often.
And now I am more relaxed to do all my duties here. Even my kids can stay here while connecting wifi to our neighbor...hehehe
Jusy kidding guys..hehehe

And for my next what every mom's dreaming have a washing machine for me!!
Waiting for that day to come..

I am just so happy that my husband and I finally we were able to accomplish our plan.

And here is the proof and tears of joy for our accomplishment...

There is always the right time for everything. It doesn't matter how long it will take as long as you will aim for it and you will work hard for it. It will really happen.

And that is all for me now everyone...

Thank you for having some time to read my blog.

God BlessUs All

Very trully yours..


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What good news!
@teardrops send tears of joy to you
Happy day.


thank you so much @teardrops...the tears of joy is really everywhere for me now😂😂
And have a happy day to you too..thank you.

@dianafigura home is where my heart is so I'm Upvotinh this so u can save up for more home improvement


thank you so much @gratefulayn..your kindness will soon return back on to you. God Bless..😊