My Little Girl...Is Now A Young Lady "Proof of my Tears"

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My daughter Erisha Ziane, my first born...

At 2 years old and now at 12 years old

As I looked at her walking towards the stage to accept her diploma for Grade Six, I told my self "She used to be my litte girl, now she's turned into a fine young lady". How time flies so fast. And at that moment all the memories I had with her when she was little suddenly just flashed back onto me.

I remembered when I found that I am pregnant of her I cried, I really did. At that moment I was'nt so sure about my self if I will be happy or not. I told my self that I was a little bit young to have a baby. I was so scared. But thank God, because the father of my child did not let me go. He stood up for us and he actually helped me all through out my pregnancy. And with the help of my family and his family, I overcome my fears.

March 7, 2006, when she came out to this world. I cried again, but not because of sadness. All my worries just vanished in an instant as I hold her into my arms for the first time.

Collage 2018-04-06 17_15_47.jpg
These are some of her photos in her toddler years

As I've seen her growing up and become what she is right now... I am so very thankful and blessed of being you as a loving child and a caring person especially to her 2 little brothers, that really makes me so proud of her..
Collage 2018-04-06 20_34_10.jpg
Some of her captured moments with her 2 little brothers

And now as she steps up on the new stage of her life, I wish her all the best. I know that she will be able to conquer whatever challenges she may encounter. It is not easy but I know she can do it. There is just one thing that I want her to change just a little bit, I just hope that she will lessen her shyness...she is quite too shy even her friends, classmates and teachers says so.

Collage 2018-04-06 23_12_03.jpg
we are so proud of you my little lady

That is why I really do believe that every #teardrops has its values as what Sir @surpassinggoogle always say. Because every tears that I shed during the past years, I can see the value of it now, I can see through my children. They are the value of my #teardrops

And this is the story of my little baby girl...and still now for me she still is, but in a different way now. She does'nt want to be called baby anymore.

Thank very much guys for having sometime to read my story..


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Such a great story and testimony of the faithfulness of God! What a beautiful young lady and beautiful family you have. Thank you for sharing this heart warming personal story out of your life! God bless!
Daddy William


thank you so much @mhm-philippines, for that beautiful and inspiring message, it made a little emotional. I am just so glad that I was able to share it only here on steemit. God bless Daddy William..😊


God bless you!

Congratulations to your great girl


thank you so much @teardrops...really appreciate it....😊