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This is my second logo that I made for @surpassinggoogle even though the curation is done. This is my way of appreciating him by helping him pick the best logo.

This may not be the best logo that’s made for @smt but @surpassinggoogle can get some ideas on it.

The steemit logo is not mine and I just used it as an idea. It may be deleted or change due to copyrights.

I started my drawing by sketching the logo using pencil and draw a two different sizes of circles for the steemit logo.


After drawing it with pencil, I traced it with color pencil.


I continued coloring every part of it and draw the logo using the 2 circles as my base. I wrote the @smt inside the outer circle and added some colors to look more vibrant and colorful.


I keep adding some shade and color whenever I'm not contented.


To put more drama on the lettering, I draw a shadows behind every letter.


I then proceeded on adding colors and shading them until it’s ready to go.




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I see the steps, I see the pain and joy of showing love to untalented community. Keep it up dear.

love the process

Thank you so much wonds!!

Perti kyka devvvvv ...d ko kabalog in ana jud hahaha

Hahahaha bati pa gali na lev. pero dasig lang jud ta. Salamt dai

Mas ayuuss btaw ni suooon!!

Dugay nako gahuna huna ani soun do pero gatinapulan jud ko jusko

WOW, amazing art! But why the crying eye? Anyways keep it up artist, looking forward to more of your work.

Hello @vaansteam! Omg you’re my idol!! Anyways, the crying eye represents the teardrops. I draw this for @teardrops that’s why it is like that. Thank you for appreciating!!

it is one of the best :)

Ate, thank you so muchhh!!

Thank you for making this nice logo for us.
I will mention you in our next publication.

Take some imaginary @teardrops (smart media tokens). You can read about these special tokens Here!!!

Thank you so much for appreciating! You’re always welcome!!

Good drawing my dear

Thank you deeear!! I’ll practice more.