My drawing of teardrops for @surpassinggoogle

in teardrops •  last year

Hello everyone!!!

This is my drawing of the representation of tears for @surpassinggoogle.


I represent in this drawing the eye-witnesses of my mother, who for me is a symbol of struggle and perseverance.
She has fought a lot to form us her three children, she has seen us cry and laugh, and she has passed many tests to get ahead.

I know he suffered although he never showed it to us, for me he is an example to follow.

Thanks @surpassinggoogle for allowing us to express the setimientos through our talents.

This was the process of my drawing


Images and texts of Desiree Molina

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You're good. Keep it up.


Thank you!!! Greetings from Venezuela!!!

This is beautiful, I hope all our #teardrops are wiped away


I hope that some day there are only tears of happiness

its really amazing you really great artist keep it up.


Thank you very much for your words and wishes

wow I love your artistic talent


I am very happy, thank you

Muy lindo dibujo! felicidades, tienes talento... Saludos desde Venezuela


Mil gracias!! Saludos!!

Very beautiful your words. Only that the trail is for content in Spanish. Anyway, I'll go with my other account. Regards


What is promised is debt. Regards


thank you!!!

this drawing the eye-witnesses of @steemgigs


Greetings from Venezuela!

You are good with your drawing.....
Keep it up


I appreciate your comment very much !! thank you !!! regards

What's the teardrops writing/drawing contest about, and how can I enter?

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@desireemolina14 your art is good for @teardrops and thnks @surpassinggoogle


thank you very much !! @maemeghna