[Poem] - "Teardrops"

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It keeps falling
I don't know why.
Sometimes when I'm so happy,
Sometimes when I feel terribly bad.

My tears tell it all.
Something so pure within.
It will fall when it's needed..
To release some unconstrained feelings.

You are more than just a water.
Too precious like a gem stone.
Like a heart in my eye,
You beat or bleed inside.

Are you God-given?
I know I'm perfectly made.
They say eyes is the window of soul
And so my teardrop is the reality of me.

What proof you are to me?
A smile or a frown?
What value you have?
Oh much valuable than a dollar!

Teardrop may fall,
And you might question why..
I say don't , just let it go.
You will see better after that!


My love and support to this awesome beyond words, my dear @surpassinggoogle and his @teardrops which has now a value!


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No matter what the eye must drop tears either for good or for bad.
Nice one @dearjyoce


Thank you @diamondrich. We cry, shed tears and make us strong. But it would be nice for tears of joy!

Peace and love to the Philippines incredible poetry


Thank you dear. And may the good words back to your good heart. ♥

It's true, our teardrops tell All what's inside our soul. Happy Valentine's Day! Friend.


Happy valentines friend and to your lovely family. I wish you all well. Thank you xxx ♥

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Kisses to @teardrops! Thank you so much for appreciating and hope I can do more.

Lovely poem. :)

This is just magnificent.

Take some imaginary teardrops