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“Are there evidences that angels existed then and now? Are they really among us? What are they doing here?”


   A week ago we visited different churches for the Holy Week, as we enter one of the church they saw this gold angel statue and my youngest asked me, “Ma, are angels real?” as she dip her hands on the holy water. Then my eldest said, “We saw a lot of videos on YouTube about angels caught on cam, are those for real?” Even before I can open my mouth to answer a question, another question will be asked. The struggle is real LOL

  Sure there are plenty of stories reported about sightings of angels. There are now photos and videos caught on cam that you can see search on YouTube, and most probably you have heard one story or you have watched one because I did so many times.  

Then I remembered when my eldest daughter was just a few days old, I was so tired and sleepy that time and her father was watching over her, we were all in the bed and I don’t know exactly what happened but I heard a panic on her father’s voice as he stand up and pick my baby on the floor. We didn’t hear a sound of the fall and even a cry from my eldest which is weird because our bed is a little high. My grandma believed that an angel catch my baby that’s why she was not hurt at all. Is it then true that angel exist?

 Growing up I heard the elders said that whenever a baby is asleep and smiling, an angel is playing with the baby. They said that angels act as intermediaries between God and Humans. Angels are on earth to guard us, to help us, and to guide our paths.  

I don’t know if it’s coincidence but most of the time that I am extremely sad; God will send me an angel in a form of a friend. 

Last Easter Sunday God sent a lot of angels to remind me perhaps that he exists and that he is good all the time.  For some reason I was so blessed that day, that every bad situations turns into something good. 


PHP 1500.00 Gift certificate was given to me by the event's organizer in replace of the easter basket that run out which is doubled the amount of the basket. I chose to be an angel to our waiter who was really nice and give him one GC worth PHP 500.00.

Then I was told that Gary Valenciano has a concert nearby but the tickets was sold out. An angel in the form of an old lady asked me if I want to watch the concert because he got 3 more spare tickets.

Gary Valenciano is a famous singer in the Philippines and his songs helped me whenever I feel down, seeing him perform live is like heaven on earth.

To wrap this up, I can’t really prove that angels truly exist, but I chose to believe that they do. Mere decisions may make an ordinary person an angle. It can be me or it can be you.   

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April 7, 2018
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Thank you for sharing. Yes, angels are real because the Bible tells us so.
Psalm 91:11 says,

For He shall give His angels charge over you,
To keep you in all your ways.

There are many more verses in the Bible that speak of the existence of angels. They, themselves, worship the Lord Jesus, for all things are created through Him and for Him.


It's my pleasure! Good point! 😊 Shame to say that I didnt remember about the verses in the bible 😅

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Thanks for sharing and this teardrops is so touching.

Angels are real.They are God's soldiers watching over us.We pray to God and His angels will be sent to us.We are so loved.
Gary V ...omgossh


I know right!! Crush ko na xa hahahha

I don't know if angle are real, but am waiting for some angel in my life.


for sure its just around, watching over you :)


Am waiting to see it!

nice article.


I'm glad u like it! Thanks for taking the times to read my article ☺️