Tear Drops : Nightmare By Step Grandma

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Nightmare By Step Grandma

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Perhaps this is the end of his life, confined in a great flame, no hope, no smile, no chance of getting out of the house too small. Arya was in the living room with her mother, while her sister and father were nowhere.

"Mom! Let's find a way out "said Arya, he kept holding his mother's arm
Mother shook her head slowly "son, you get out of here first. Later the mother will nyusul kok "he said.

Suddenly the fragile wood that was above Arya's head seemed to be falling, but the mother immediately pushed Arya to replace her position. When Arya was pushed there was someone pulling his arm out of the room.
"Mother !!" cried Arya. he tried to go back inside, but some officers kept him in the way. "My mother is still inside!". Then Arya was unconscious.

"Son, you're awake apparently" said someone as Arya began to wake up
Arya rose from her sleep and looked around her, "who is this grandmother? And where am I "
Grandma replied with a smile "I am your grandmother son. I brought you here 3 days ago, exactly when the incident happened "
"What?? 3 days? "He asked in surprise.

"Then the mother where the nek? I want to meet my mother "
"Your mother has no son" replied the granny softly. "You must learn to slicer it and start a new life"
Arya put her head on, her heart kept screaming because her parents and siblings were gone. "I will try to mengikhlaskannya, maybe this has become the destiny of god"
"Yes son, grandmother lived alone here since your grandfather died a year ago" said grandma, half sad. "In this village there are still many mystical things, so you do not need to mingle with the people around here, otherwise you will be affected by them"

Arya slightly disbelieved with the words of his grandmother, but inevitably he just obeyed. "Okay nek, i will not be affected ko same people here" he got up from there. "Grandma, I want to explore the surroundings here, okay?"
"Yes, it's okay. And remember the grandmother's message, you do not need to mingle with the community and do not have to care about them! "Grandma replied, a little scary.
Arya just nodded head and immediately went out, in the village the air is still very fresh, there are still green mountains, rice fields, and still beautiful forest.

"Ehh" a girl's voice came from behind Arya, he immediately turned. "I-yeah why?"
"You're new here?" Asked the girl, she had long shoulder-length hair, pale white skin, she was about as strange as Arya. "My name is susanti, i live behind your house"
"Ohh .. I'm Arya, from Jakarta. Here cave stay with grandma cave "countered Arya, timidly. Rebelliously he was reminded of the words of his grandmother that he should not mingle with people around.

Arya tried to turn her back and was about to leave the susan, but what she saw behind her was her grandmother. "grandmother? How come here? "
"What are you doing here?" Asked the grandmother, dragging Arya's arms back home. "Quickly we come back"
"T-but I have a new friend nek, her name is Susan" replied Arya, as she walked. "It turns out he lives behind our house you know"
"Grandma has told you, DO NOT SPEAK WITH PEOPLE HERE!" Grandma snapped, her eyes wide. "Grandma just wants to protect you from bad guys, but why do not you understand? If you are not the same grandmother you can go from this house "

"J-don't be Grandma, Arya already have no one anymore. Arya will be the same grandmother, Arya promise "said Arya, regret. "Arya also not going to chat with the people of the village"
Grandma smiled warmly. "Sorry grandma too ya too rude to you" while gently stroking the head of Arya. "Well, it's time for you to sleep. It's night, do not forget to pray. Oh yeah, you do not come out the room in the middle of the night, not good "
"You know, emang

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