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There are many reasons why we always tell to ourselves, if only we could turn back time or if we can go back to good old days. Kung pwede nga lang ba.. We have a wall clock at home that I always wanted to talk to and say.. if I could only make my own time,, I will. It sounds like I am a fool and crazy but it's just reminding myself how I've been so martyr in the name of love.. 😂


When I was a kid, I had only one and simple dream when I grow up. But we didn't even know what life could bring after our childhood, right? That is to be a successful in chosen course and then career. I am destined to have a family too and followed as a model family. Until just one morning I woke up from my dream, I realized how hard life is and knowing what message my dream wanted to convey me. When I open my eyes, that's what the real destination of mine and where I belong. Even if I didn't like what is assigned to me by destiny, I shoud go on... This is the thing that I keep on saying, if only and if only I could go back to any point of my life.. I would not have the life that I have today. I know that no one has successfully gone back to make the effort to achieve to change the "menus" of their life.


The most regret in life I've made is that I did not listen to people around me. Maybe, I was stubborn and blind that I didn't even care how will life to be, just to follow the heart. And look what I am now? I do realized that, we often love the idealized object rather than the real one. I can say, regrets that is something in my mind and feel sorry to myself. Failure that I'd never wish for. I am sure, it would have been a good mistake to learn a painful lesson. As I grow older and older, I still have my original dreams that maybe still in reach. I am selfish if I am not thinking about my kids. I have a good relationship with my family but still something missing and I do have in mind that keeps bounce back to me, " kung maibabalik ko lang ang kamay ng orasan".


If only I could turn back the time to correct the choices that I have made. But it's done and done and have to face the challenge. If not, we're not going to win indeed. Thank you for dropping by.. please support me and upvote me. Thank you for your time. ⏰

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I always believe that things happen for a reason. Regrets couldn't change what was already done. Instead, be strong to face and accept it as a challenge for you and keep going.

..i feel you. kng pwde lng ntin ibalik ang oras... but regrets is the only thing that we can do.. maybe we cant go back to the time we want to but we always have tomorrow to make evrything right...


Yes sister.. tomorrow is always different :)

Sometimes we need to live experiences to learn. Try now to live in the here and now.
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I am touched, thank you so much @surpassinggoogle and @teardrops. You motivate me more..

Unfortunately, time is the only thing we never have controls with but for sure, it will always bring us something to learn about life. :) I, myself too has regrets in the past that I would wish I can turn back time but I could only sigh..

Thanks for this @ckadie1324


Yes, that's the thing we could only do. A matter of acceptance too.

If everything you wish didnt happen you can always keep on trying. Trials and hardships are given to us to make us strong we cant turn back time but we can always keep on trying what most important is we learn.

Experience is the best teacher ;) let us allow ourself to learn from our mistakes. Everything happens for a reason

Ir's part of growing up. We can really never learn if we never experience something like that. :)