Crying inside seems endless

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The family is the wonderful thing that you receive from life, it is the gift you describe as the best in the whole world, there is nothing that compares to the family and when someone in the family group is missing, you cry on the inside with such intensity that feeling in you, it seems to consume you.

Tears consume your emotions in such a way that you look like another person, but it is because we are cloudy, you do not find direction to take, you only think about what the family means and the lack that will make you, you are not able to understand the designs of life, that separate you from the special beings that were part of your life for so long.


Then, you feel and you have to cry on the inside so that others do not see how vulnerable you are because if they see you like that, What could they say?, nobody has the word to help you understand your feelings, that knot that tightens your chest and that becomes stronger, every time you think about the moment when everything stopped being the same.


We cried inside, to remember, for what has been lived, for what it feels, for what it was, for what will never be forgotten, and because it will always be beautiful memories.

We cry for different reasons, we have different feelings, and we can not define the feeling of each one, plus oneself, we can describe what we feel if we are prepared to do it.

An example of this, what happens in my life, I will never forget the day that two of my loved ones died.

My grandmother, due to her age, began to decay and become a baby, I will never forget that she always told me: I studied to be someone big and I answered: you know something, when I graduate, I will buy a house and I will take her to live with me . I never thought, that it would not happen, I was sick and very far from me, I visited her one day and the following week that I had to go back with her, she did not give me the opportunity to say goodbye. It was very painful, I cried silently inside and I held back to be strong by the time my life collapsed, my special self had disappeared. But she, I leave beautiful memories that I will never forget and now I cry for joy because of that and these tears if they run in my face, they are happy for her.

And my aunt, the one who raised me in the company of my grandmother, fell ill because of a tumor that, although it was operated and had gone well since its first operation, things really were not as they should be, and it was subjected to a second intervention. . . . in which he did not improve, and he began to lose consciousness since the cancer had spread throughout his body, without remembering his family, he was only in the memories of his childhood and youth, it broke my soul, when I visited my Aunt, with him, her only son who had never seen her like this before, and was excited to hold her and asked: Who are you? It's a time when you do not know how to react and you cry inside so nobody sees what makes you feel.

Crying inside consumes you, because you can not let go of what is being repressed by the same fear of what internal tears can do outside of you.

But over time I have both remembered them and my tears have started to go out alone, remembering how wonderful they were, and I thank them for being part of me.

Little by little we must take out what is inside us, so that we can feel good, remembering what we experienced as the best experiences.

Crying inside

I can cry from so much remembering
I need you so much and I can not help it
You were and will continue to be special
that's why I cry for you, in silence
for the beautiful memories of your life
I cry in silence, crying inside
When I dream you, I see you so real
and I do not stop crying
When I see your portrait I cry even more
when I realize that you will never come back
I cry without stopping, feeling so consumed
of the beautiful memories that you left in my
I do not want to cry inside
I need to let it out
by your side it was special and I will never forget it

Crying inside represses feelings that want to go out, accept and learn to live with memories is the best thing that the human being can do, be strong and courageous because beyond that we can not do more.

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beautiful post

It is best to cry, sometimes we should stop being so strong with ourselves

Beautiful publication
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