Logo Submission for @teardrops & Filipino Poetry

in teardrops •  last year  (edited)


Luha at Ngiti

Pait at pasakit ay mawawala
Sa bawat patak ng aking mga luha
Dalangin ko ay iyong dinggin
Sapagkat ikaw ay sadyang nakatingin.

Palitan ang luha ng saya at tuwa
Katumbas nito ay ginhawa
Sa pusong nasaktan, ito ay hiling
Liligaya kapag ikaw ang kapiling.

Huwag ng matapos ang bawat sandali
Puso ko ay hindi na mapakali
Sapagkat ikaw ay nandito na sa tabi.
Lumuluha ngunit may ngiti sa mga labi.

This is my logo submission for @surpassinggoogle 's @teardrops. I also made a poem about luha or tears. I hope you like it.


Christian Yocte



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Awesome logo! I'm just stopping by your blog to say thank you for supporting the Steemit Newbie Resteem Initiative. So many people have come forward and I wanted to stop by and thank each one of you individually. In regards to this post, upvoted and of course resteemed. :)


Hi, @mudcat36! Thanks! I will be re scheduling my participation of #thenewbieresteemday.

Hi @christianyocte! Your eye and teardrop logo is beautiful! Love the colors and how you angled them to look like cut glass or gems 💎 pretty. I’m sorry to say I haven’t been taught to decipher different languages, but my husband said he’d show me how. I’d like to understand this poem.


Thank you so much @lildebbiecakes. Your words are very inspiring. I am happy you liked it too.

I hope I can translate the poem for you word by word but, i am kinda busy with my new drawing.... So, please understand for now. I know your husband can help you, anyways... Heheh happy valentines day to both of you.


Aww! You are the the nicest guy. There are some people that empress me as just kind gentle souls you walk like Jesus sir very proud of you. And I can see your humble by the way you write. Very impressive @christianyocte. Every time I spell out your user name I always want to spell christiancoyote. Ha ha! Happy Valentine’s Day to you to !

Thank you very much for the logo and the poetry.
It will be presented and promoted in our edition # 4 of teardrops

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You can read about these special tokens Here!!!


Thank you very much! I am very excited of everything that is in your mind. You are truly a gift.

Very excellent work also the poem luv it bro,@christianyocte gudluck! hope this will appreciate by our fellow steemers..keep steemin!


Thank you so much. I will surely follow you to know what you are up to also.

What a nice tula Xian and perfect logo. Hope this will be chosen! 👍


Thank you aying. Hehhe.