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As I was uploading my second entry for #sevenbnwphotochallenge I cannot contain my sadness and during that moment I knew, I want to share Miracle’s story.


She was my dog’s puppy. She was the third among Fujiko’s five little cuties. I can still remember how small she was when Fujiko gave birth to them. She was the smallest and her shinny black hair made her beautiful. I myself doesn’t know what happened to her, but as what I remember when he got out of Fuji’s tummy she’s already sick.


I did not thought she would survive even for a while. Her stomach is teared in the midline, and her intestine is almost out. I thought she’s already dead at that moment but then she cried. As a mother instinct, Fujiko licked right away her wound. She will only stop if she needs to prepare for another baby coming.

Everybody is out and very hungry, they we’re all looking for milk except Miracle. We observed her, she cannot crawl, senses were down and she was very weak. I tried to helped her by putting her mouth to Fuji’s nipple but it didn’t work. We were so worried, we knew that if she will nit eat, deffinitely she will not survive.


We rushed her to the nearest veterinary clinic and they gave us materials and food suppliments to force her feed. We follow every instructions but I guess Miracle was breathing but her senses were not functioning at all. Everytime we fed her she poked.

We we’re hopeless but we cannot just gave her up because she herself was so brave and she was showing us that she was fighting to survive. Even with deep and long interval breaths she will still respond to us.

It was our first time to have a pregnant dog and we we’re all excited to raised all her babies. And we wish not to lose anyone. And it was so painful to see one of them was suffering even we did everything it takes to make her survive.

Miracle fought for her life as long as she can. We did not gave up easily because she was so brave to claim her life. Unfortunately, she did not succeed. But because of her lost, we realized a lot of things, especially how important they are to us. And even she’s already in heaven she still have a space in our hearts.


Birth: November 22, 2017
Died: November 22, 2017

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Same thing happened to my shih tzu's cute pup. It was her first time to gave birth, and I was all alone to help her. Her first pup was so healthy, while the second pup was stuck up in her opening as she's trying to deliver it, the puppy almost drowned and about to die but we were able to revive her, but the third pup immediately died. The 3rd pups stomach was bleeding and her intestines were all out.. It's really hurting me inside as a furparent. Run free baby..


It takes really good courage to be a furparent. It’s not just us taking care of our pets but we invest a lot of money, love and affection. Sas to hear your story as well.

That's sad .I can relate to how you felt.

Oh poor Miracle.
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