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Ever since the #untalented-adjustment contest, I have never forgot the name @surpassinggoogle. HE was the driving force behind my first earning on steemit.

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Since then I have always been grateful to him for that little blessing and impact he bestowed on me that very day.
When I first heard of the teardrop token and the stories attached to them especially the emotional ones tied to minnows, I am was moved to do tears and it made me just want to help in a way.

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Due to my limitations as a minnow, the least I could do was to help resteem the posts and contribute the way I could.
Toda y, I have found a way to help out. Despite the fact that I am not the best at art nor design, I will just give this little proposed design of mine of the teardrops smart token.

WhatsApp Image 2018-02-22 at 9.32.30 AM.jpeg

Do not be annoyed sir Terry a.k.a @surpassinggoogle, it not as artistic or beautiful as you would expect. It come from an untalented-artist.

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The untalented spirit, the spirit that never gives up. Wow bro I love and am so sure @surpassinggoogle will do too. I so such love this man and I #gidigbamly stand at his back


I pray so bro

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