Teardrops : And how do I control myself?

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Should I control myself? for some it is easy, and for me it is very moving, to take control of my tears, which do not stop because I cry of happiness, I see who I have become and sadness because I can not stop the time, I feel that I can not anymore, I do not know how this will end.


Learning to take control of that feeling, of what causes you so much nostalgia, of what you have lived for so many years is very difficult to control, I am an older woman, and although I know how I am in health and should not continue working, it is very difficult, I am used to work, since I left my house, many years ago looking for a future for me and my family, today I want to mourn, because I can not continue doing what I love, which is the art of sewing, not I can go to my usual job and I know it will be a closed cycle in my life, which makes me want to cry for many reasons, happiness and sadness, but both will always remain in me.

Working in sewing is what I do best, cutting, sewing, measuring is what I like and now, due to my age, I will have to stop, make a "STOP" in what I spent years ALL OF ME, all my youth, and it was my daily sustenance, many thanks to life.

So many lived memories, so many people that I met, so much joy that this work gave to my life, I can never forget it.

Age for many is not an impediment to work, but in this area of sewing work can be strong, sew? Yes, it is correct, the physical exhaustion that causes and how our body deteriorates, without realizing, that is impressive, for many years the sitting position causes the atrophy of many parts of the body and leads to a deformity, in my particular case , I currently have three (03) spinal discs that do not allow me to sit for a long time, standing or lying down, the pain for me is inevitable, no matter how many pills I take, I have no other choice. I must learn to live with that and try to make my life go by with the best smile on my face even though I feel suffering inside.

Then you can cry in this case, for a nostalgia of what you can not continue doing as usual, your greatest passion, you feel powerless with yourself for wanting to give more and not being able to do it.

I can not control it, and I want to cry without stopping, it is known that the moment had to come because that's the way life is, this is the stage of the human being, it's like "being born, growing and dying". And here it is, I worked what I had to work because my body does not allow more and although I know that I have done it, with effort and tenacity to be a warrior at work, there is a gap that I can not fill and that is where the Tears are out of control.

But, as everything in life can not generate tears of nostalgic sadness, because both come together to form a strange sensation, I have a way out, which has been a great blessing in my life,


It has been an escape from routine, in what everything has become. Here in the community, I felt good and I know that the uncontrollable tears that are in me will calm down because I can also cry uncontrollably of happiness. I can show my talent, my work and remember the past with great joy.

So I hope I can never control the tears, what would happen to us without them? They are out of control for some reason, remember the good, the bad, what happens and what comes is fine.

If you have uncontrollable tears, remember this lady that she will not be able to return to what she loves, her work, her sewing, she goes away with much feeling, the best stage of her life kept with the best memories and that every day she remembers that she will cry because he had the opportunity to live it and that despite the fact that one cycle was closed, another one is opened for her.

And so who can controlled?

Uncontrolled tears in our lives


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