Permanent tears for freedom

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When a people is hurt and in great despair, only from their being is born with sincerity a feeling that can not be hidden, and then, in their faces, unceasing tears run screaming FREEDOM.

I am a woman who has lived long enough, so to speak, but in what remains of my life, I look forward to seeing my people smiling wherever they go.

How many wounds there are in us that we mourn every day, remembering how wonderful we were and that we never thought it would end like this. We are in this life for the divine mercy, keeping us with faith, waiting for the change that we do not know if it is for good or bad, but what we are sure of is that we need it. breathe, see and feel a bit of relief, waiting for this to end, sooner rather than later, since nothing lasts forever, and but we have been hurt without mercy.

Venezuela divided

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They turned us into a Venezuela divided, in two groups the "bank" and "black", two colors, which are totally different but which together perfectly combine, only that for some it is no longer like that, or you are on one side or you are on the other.

At this point where we have shed tears, for hungry, insecurity, anger, deaths, we let ourselves be dragged into a perverse current and that seems to have no end, we were just puppets that are paying the consequences of a false victory, because they ended up with what they say is the homeland.

Today, we are not only divided, but Fractured, and with an incalculable, whit pain it consumes our being.

Then I want you to know that the tears of a desperate people dress a body that wanders without a direction, in search of a north that orients our way.

So many hopes placed on people, that do not allow light to shine around us, keeping people in permanent darkness, because they want us to remain trampled and without raising our voices, to say: Down with the chains!

Many will think Is this what sai true?, Is what is happening so true?, Will they lie to us by this means?, what can be happening? Why do not accept what fate has given them?.

I cry the tricolor of my flag

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Yellow, blue and red are the colors of my flag, the representation of our land, of what we are and without warning we are devastated and converted into nothing. Each color clings with strength and great intensity to our being, to our essence to which we want it to return.

If we cry of happiness for what, at some point we were, how to imagine crying for being again, a family in unity, that desired longing of an entire people.



¡Cries of freedom!

Thousands of tears spilled with a different motive, and that in the end only want to be free and have peace.

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We will be a strong heart that only cry of happiness

Venezuela lives and its tricolor also

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@carmenl wiping those tears with an upvote

Hello, I hope that my tears and those of everyone are just joy.