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Prince of Dreams

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Drops of sky water now no longer scattered to earth. The king of light is now beginning to reveal himself who blush, blocked by mega. Behind the crevices of the steep rocks the foot of the mountain began darting flashes of shady and bright light. Removes black in the sky right now. Morning has welcomed me.

I blinked, stretched out on the mattress and tried to wake from sleep. I looked out the window. God's beautiful scenery suguhkan. I stare at the empty work of God. Instantly, a flash of light shimmered in front of me. Flashes of light are colorful. The light touched my shoulder kindly. My reverie was instantaneous. I turned to him who smiled warmly at me.

"What's up?" I asked in surprise.
"Alright ... hurry up. Soon your Prince of Dreams will come soon "he said, holding my face softly.
"Prince of Dreams? What do you mean Clory? "

The glow of the glowing light is Clory, my dream companion. He often appeared in my dreams and often came to the real world to see me. No friends ... He's not a fairy or an alien like you think. Or even the Goddess of Love who is always there for this world. She is just a light plane, sahabtku, Clory.

Slowly he began to disappear in front of me ..
"Yahh ... why so soon?" I complained.
"Well, it's better than me to sit up and go to school." I got up from my seat and rushed out of the room to take a shower and get ready.

"Hey Citra ..." someone said from behind me tapped my shoulder.
"Eh, Silvi? Tumben early in the morning already very neat? Usually you're a neat new siangan ... "I looked back and saw Silvi from head to toe.
"Hehehe ... Not really, Yeah let's go to class with his son" while pulling my hand into a class at the end of the corridor.

The first bell bell rang. Bu Nanin, our IPS teacher has stepped into our favorite class, 8D.
"Mother-in-law ... A sunny morning yes" Mrs. Nanin started to walk to her desk after standing for a long time at the door of the classroom, waiting for us to start the lesson.
"Waalaikumsalam .. A bright morning also bu" in unison one class.

"Hmm ... Excuse bu" said a man from behind the door of the classroom.
"Eh yeah, let's go nak" Bu Nanin approached him.
The man walked politely following her steps. All eyes were on him. Now, he has stood in front of us all with a shining, glowing look.

"M ... Sorry bu, I'm late today" he said softly.
"Yes, I understand. This is her first day at this school, so it's too late for the first time I understand but next time do not do it again. Yeah, now you introduce yourself yes "Bu Nanin patted her shoulder tenderly before she finally sat back in her seat.

The man steadied his position. Stand upright like a Prince in front of his people. A beautiful smile was attached to his handsome face.
"Hi all…"

I gasped. That voice ... Yeah. That's Prince's voice ...
I looked up, looked ahead. My guess is right! The face is as handsome as the full moon. A smile as sweet as a pomegranate. Good temperament like Arjuna. My heart says it's really him! My Dream Prince.code

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