My Proposal to @surpassinggoogle. Tear Drops Logo

in teardrops •  last year 

Good Morning all over the universe.And have a nice and a wonderful monday..

It's a couple of week that @surpassinggoogle has a challenge of TEAR DROPS LOGO, but I didn't joined it because I don't have a ability to draw. But this day, I challenged my self to do it even though I am not good enough in hands.

Hope this will not to late to show my Logo to you @surpassinggoogle


Thank you everyone, Hope you will like it especially to sir @surpassinggoogle</center?

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Thank you very much for this logo.
Your post will be mentioned in our next edition.

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you are really a great artist brent, claim it. Your penmanship is also good.

Great job @brentlewis24 , Hope @surpassinggoogle will saw and love it. Keep steeming kabayan.

Everyone truly has something to offer, am not sure if it's too late, you have a good logo there, what a great imagination. keep it up.