Soul Searching (poem #23, My 30days poetry challenge)

in teardrops •  last year 

In this vast universe
I know how little I am
I've been looking for my worth
every now and then
I've been to soul searching
doing this, doing that
But I remain looking for something
A something I can not grasp

I tried so many things
achieving, failing, gathering, disseminating
But something remained unfulfilled
that something makes me bewildered
anguish, wrath and fear
soon overcome my zeal
I've got tired of searching
Emptiness started reigning
I was lost

In the midst of silence, I realize
I wasn't looking for my worth
I was looking for who I really am
I was searching for myself
but what I found was you
I was looking for my worth
what I found was the love inside of you

It was love that you gave me
A love the world can't understand
A love that can't be explained
but only be experienced
I was created to love you

No more anguish, wrath or fear
I' ve come back to my original zeal
I was revived
No more emptiness
No more soul searching
You filled all my empty spaces
showered me with your graces

Now I'm moving on
Facing life and beyond
Just realize
I was looking for my worth, myself
but what I was looking for was close to my breath
I was looking for you all this time
Oh God, Your my life and my everlasting shine

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nice poetry bessy @beyonddisability i am looking forward for more of your works

thank you beshy @mariejoyacajes. This is my 23nd poem. You can browse to my blogs for the rest 21 poems. :)

sobrang galing mo talaga gumawa ng tula @beyonddisability, tuloy tuloy mo lang ang pag gawa mo ng gantong tula.

opo salamat po steemph.antipolo