Prayer fixes everything

in teardrops •  last year 

As what I have been posted on the other day that I am hurt, yes I am hurt knowing that my parents are not in good terms because of money. Nowadays the problem is money especially to the low-level person like me. My parents are having no good income, they can only eat 3 times a day that's why most of the time they get quarrel for money especially when they have some extra needs then nothing can provide for it.

How I wish I can work at my age so that I will get another extra job for me to help them, but as per the law my age is not allowed as it is under age. What I did is I keep on praying. I keep on praying that everything to my parents will fix and yes truth be told that nothing is imposible with a prayer.

Prayer can fix everything, if you pray solely and heartily God will hear you heart's desire. God will help you. Just remember to pray not only that you have something to ask, but pray as always whether you have something to ask or nothing, just pray and say thank you for everything especially the gift of life.

I am happy because they are okay now, my secret is I never stop praying for them to be okay. I am so much thankful because God always hear my prayers. God never leave me, especially when I need him most. There's no one I can express my feelings, there's nothing I can talk with except him because he is the most powerful above all.

Thank you so much GOD.

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