Every tears there's a joy and every joy there's a tears

in teardrops •  last year

Today let the heaviness laying on your heart be lifted, all anxiety to flee and may you start your day light and with great joy.

Today you have the will to succeed,
You have increased drive,
and you are compounding
Your timeline by increasing
You're rate of success.


Every tear there's a joy and every joy there's a tear, life seems to be unfair, because all of us encounter problems, others almost wanted to cut their life because of the problems they had, other also has easy to deal with their problems. Life is full of tears, whether it is tears of joy or tears of sadness. It depends on you on how you deal every sadness came into your life.

Today, I challenge myself to not to feel the sadness. I always think positive and I hope I can overcome sadness. Sad because I did not see my biological father, there is a night that I can't sleep well because I keep on thinking about my family. But I know I can handle this and time comes all the desire of my heart will come across without knowing it has come.

I hope everybody don't give up!, let us continue to live our life with a smile. Forget the sadness and let us all enjoy, cheers!

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Muy refleivo tu Post. Gracias.

So it is friend, being positive oneself changes our destiny of life. Although there are difficulties, you have to change the way you think with good things. Universal law.

así es amigo, ser positivo uno mismo cambia nuestro destino de vida. A pesar de que haya dificultades, hay que cambiar la forma de pensar con cosas buenas. ley universal.

Thank you for the post, I strongly agree with that..
Cheers because life is full of surprises..